Thursday, November 17, 2011

Enjoy watching what your children did for sciece this week.  They had to think like engineers to solve a problem.  They had to make a plan and draw what their solution would look like.  Then they had to choose materials, build their design and test it.  After testing they had to reflect and decide what they could have done to make their design work even better.  The movie we made with the ipad was too long and I had to send it in parts.  I apologize for that and will continue to try and find a way to put up a longer movie.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The iPads Have Arrived


Excitement was in the air yesterday as our iPads were revealed.  Mrs. Niebuhr came to Lakeview and spent time with each 2nd grade class.  She explained how to take care of the iPads and taught us how to use them. She taught everyone how to take a picture.  Today we are going to try to set our picture as the background.  We are also planning on learning how to use some of the apps.  Yesterday we worked on our math facts and today we will be counting money. 

Thank You Veterans!!

 Matt Larson

Matt is the father of Gretta who is in our class.  He joined the army when he was just out of high school.  He served as a military police officer. He was stationed at an army base in Texas and also spent three months in Saudia Arabia. He shared his uniform with us and expained the pins on his coat.  He brought pictues of his work in Saudia Arabia. He also shared about the cloths that people in Saudia Arabia wear on their heads.  Different colors are worn to show their status in society.

                        Amber Yaw

Amber is a para educator here at Lakeview Elementay.  She served in the National Guards for seven years.  She talked about the time she spent in Kosovo.  Her roll there was as a liason for the people of Kosovo.  She would spend time talking to the people about their fears during the war in their country.  Amber told the kids about the differences between schools in America and in Kosovo.  I think we are all thankful for Lakeview.