Friday, November 12, 2010

Critters & Company

Sibley students learned some great lessons on teasing and bullying from some very special friends.  Greg Olson from Critters & Company shared his animals with all of us.  Each animal had a special lesson to teach everyone.  The hedgehogs taught us that even if we don't think we are teasing, another person might think we are.  We must think of how the other person feels about it.  The iguana lost his tail being attacked and teased by cats.  Even though it grew back it wasn't ever as nice as it had once been.  The students learned that sometimes teasing and bullying can leave scars and hurt feelings for a very long time-maybe forever.  They were amazed by the size of the porcupine and surprised to learn they could have 10,000 quills.  The chicken taught them to not pick on those who seem like an easy target or to have pecking order like groups of chickens do.  The hawk had been shot by someone for fun.  They were sorry they did it but it was important for them to promise not to do it again.  This lesson was shared with a statement that "Sorry is good......Change is better!"  Each class was given a pledge for to sign if they agreed to treat animals and people with respect and courtesy.  I am very excited to say that everyone in our class agreed and signed the pledge!!

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