Thursday, December 15, 2011

Grinch Day

2nd grade staff looking "Grinchy"!

Today was Grinch Day in 2nd grade. We read the story and came up with lots of adjectives to describe the characters. Then each student wrote five Grinchy similes. Here are some of them:
The Grinch was as.... green as grass
                                 mean as a lion.
                                  scary as a ghost.
The Grinch's heart was as.....small as a rat.
                                            creepy as an octopus.
                                            tiny as a bee.
The Grinch's heart grew as....giant as an elephant.
                                             big as Santa.
                                             loving as me.

In the afternoon we talked about how to make someone who is feeling grouchy like the Grinch grin again. Some of their ideas were to give them ice cream, take them to the beach, take them to school and teach them to be happy, and to just simply grow up!  They put their ideas on their Grinch characters they made.

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